Inactive and expired listings are still connections to people to do deals.

You will find them identified as such.

Thee is a way to search only active, or inactive, or expired or solds.  Use the status feature of the Advanced Search.

There is a date field as well if you only want to go back a predetermined number of months or years.

However only Executive Members of ICIWorld have access to the contact information for inactive, expired and solds.

 Please contact a member today if you want to follow up on any of these networking opportunities.

You should follow up on older and now new opportunities with these people or you can miss doing a deal and not realize it.

Commercial real estate is different.  It is all about networking not just a specific listing for sale. The listings help you identify people with whom you might do business. 44% of sales in one study month occurred this way where someone called on one thing that did not suit the prospect.  The parties discussed other opportunities not on the service and went off and did a deal.

Developing good business relationships with people is also a key to opening doors as most our members are a wealth of contacts and knowledge and enjoy providing service to help you achieve your goals.