Learning the Internet for Everyone

This is something new from ICIWorld started, April 16, 2010.

We do seminars about the Internet and its application for licensed real estate salespeople.

Over time we will add links that will help people learn different things about the Internet in order to make it more useful and productive.

Links that give our real estate broker members a competitive edge are only available in the Resource Center.

However there are many things that everyone should take advantage of and we hope to add them here through your suggestions and ours.

We certainly would like your feedback and suggestions, enhancements, etc. EMail

The following links may be interesting and helpful for everyone who uses the Internet.

Stop Spam in its tracks . . . instantly.

The Web at a Glance Master the basics in 10 minutes with this mini-course

Learning the Internet See Getting Started all the way up to Cloud Computing

Do you do any repetitive things over and over? Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition  They also have other advanced products you may be interested in including for real estate and doing appraisals. Order it. You can upgrade other products later. Try the free trial.

Security Everyone should spend a minimum of at least five hours going through this page and investigating information, education and knowledge in the links.

Spam IQ Test

How to Make Long Distance Phone Calls Free or next to nothing. See Contact Us down the page.

Quick Launch Toolbar Never struggle to type your favourite web site. Simply click on the icon on your quick launch tool bar. Place 10 or more of your favourite sites. Access them fast for the rest of your life. Think of the time it will save to type addresses! And you can make a link to any site or specific result you prefer to any of ICIWorld sites and links.  That way any information is simply a matter of one or two clicks away, not struggling to type the right spelling, etc.

Real Estate Related

Everyone can link their home page to ICIWorld as a major resource of Have and Want information. Link to us details on placing a link as a resource on YOUR web site  Linking also helps search engine optimization for your web site when it links to major resources.

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Use your Blackberry or iPhone to access information on ICIWorld, lists of properties for sale and/or for lease, list of buyers, lists of tenants looking to lease space, lists of members and their specialties, much more.

For licensed Real Estate Salespeople only.

Just the beginning more coming.