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ICIWorld's EMail List Services provide specific choices to suit your preferences.
  • It is free to receive information posted by the broker and salesperson members of ICIWorld. 
  • EMails of listings contain contact names and numbers. One developer reported he has done three deals right from the Emails. He does not even visit our web site.
  • If you are starting, only select your state or province.  Only select the DIGEST for all categories for your state or province. This means you will only receive one email at the most per day with any and all new Haves and Wants in it.  If you select the EMail column then you will receive one email for every listing and this could be 50-100 per day. Only select the DIGEST method which is used by 90% of the subscribers doing business.
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All people in the world are reminded there are four things you must do to make a connection for your next deal. Here they are. Otherwise you can easily be missing doing a deal and not realize it.

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May we suggest in the beginning always choose one list, the State or Province "ALL" for at least two weeks and get a feel of how it works.
90% Choose the DIGEST - It is only one email with the new listings in it

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Choose one specialty only. If you want many, simply choose your State or Province and you will get them all.

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Choose one specialty only. If you want many, simply choose your State or Province and you will get them all.

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Over 10,000 EMails deliver information daily to the public.
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Receiving mail in a timely fashion helps facilitate the connections of buyers and sellers in the marketplace.

It is Delivery of Have and Want Information in "real time" for the world.
It is a competitive advantage!
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Further notes:

With a showing today, you have a chance to make money.  Without a showing today you don't make a penny.  EMail of Haves and Wants is an important communication tool to help you get showings.

Today people are overwhelmed with information. Subscribe to the type of information that serves people and helps you make money.

We have built a system that is capable of delivering just the information that you want.  For instance, there are servers that deliver information:

Many people today do all their deals right from these EMails.  See Testimonials.

If for any reason none of these list servers suit you, you should contact me now.  Make your case and we may surprise you by building an EMail List Service that suits you.

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"ICIWorld helps you connect with people who want to buy and sell!"

"Information in a timely fashion is a major competitive advantage.

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Business Lessons Bill Gates

Business Lessons Bill Gates

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