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Back in 1994, Gary Nusca, CCIM had an idea.  

He wanted a place where the public and Real Estate Professionals could share information.

Very Simple.  Very Old School.

Have everyone stand in a ‘virtual’ room and share information about they HAVE for sale, what they WANT and about properties they know are ‘COMING for SALE’.

This ‘virtual’ room is availabe from anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day, on any device.

He created the technology to make this available.

These companies are here everyday, doing business worldwide.

  • tricity
  • suttongroup
  • royallepagegoldenridge
  • RoyalLePageExcarpment
  • royallepagebinder
  • remaxactive
  • realestateadvisors
  • highyonrealty
  • coldwell
  • century21
  • bosley
  • binswangerhectare

Our Executive Members, the best witnesses to the power of ICIWorld.com

Sold another a 16 suite apartment

Al Dharsee, Sales Representative, Right At Home Realty Inc. sold a 26 unit apartment building for $2,350,000. He placed it on ICIWorld and received about 10 calls in the first week from ICIWorld and 6 calls from his real estate board. One call was from a principal show saw it on ICIWorld and bought it. He says he has tried many other services but this is the best. See Al’s web site and how ICIWorld links work to provide opportunities for Al to serve the public.
He also sold another a 16 suite apartment listed on the service by another member. Good work. Well done.

Al Dharsee, Sales Representative
Right At Home Realty Inc

Written over $5,000,000

Commercial Division reports that he had resort with a golf course for sale on ICIWorld.  He had it on for a month or so and had about six calls, one from a realtor in Ontario who had a buyer for a golf course. They worked a referral, and Ian sold the golf course portion and paid a referral fee to the broker on the sale of a $1,250,000 golf course.  This also was great service to the public the buyer and the seller.
Ian has received many highly qualified buyers for specific types of property such as golf courses, and other recreational property, hotels, motels, and resorts.
MARKET REPORT 4/28/03:  Ian reports the commercial market is very active and he has written over $5,000,000 this year already. One reason he is so active, is because Westjet is flying directly to Comox from Calgary and Edmonton, in only 1 hr. and 15 minutes. It is making a radical difference in the valley.

Ian Geddes
Coast Realty Group (Comox Valley) Ltd.,

Several deals such as 5 plexes and other residential income producing properties

Erwin Stone, Broker, Royal LePage Heartland Realty, reports several deals such as 5 plexes and other residential income producing properties.

Erwin Stone, Broker
Royal LePage Heartland Realty

11 plex apartment on ICIWorld in July, Sold September, Closed November

Tony Sirozzotti, Sales Representative, HomeLife/Durham Real Estate Corp., Brokerage placed an 11 plex apartment on ICIWorld in July. Among the calls he received was from another real estate salesperson from Royal LePage. They sold it in Sept. and it closed in November.
Just under $1,000,000 and another job well done.The introduction was done through ICIWorld and they used the MLS listing for information to draw the offer.

Tony Sirozzotti, Sales Representative
HomeLife/Durham Real Estate Corp., Brokerage

Recently Retired 2 Decades with ICIWorld

Recently Retired. Really enjoyed the ICI WORLD over 2 decades and made nothing but good clients from it. Lots of commercial $$$$$. You have the best commercial web program out there, I loved it.
Thx for all you’ve done for me over the many years! Gilles Brunet

Gilles Brunet, Retired

Sold and Leased several properties over the past year

Param Sidhu, CCIM, CEO-Broker of Record, Acres Real Estate Inc. – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, has just informed me he has sold and leased several properties over the past year, such as leasing 24,000 sq. ft of industrial space, 1,000 sq. ft. offices, etc. He has sold 2,000 sq. ft of commercial retail condos.

Param Sidhu,CCIM, CEO-Broker of Record
Acres Real Estate Inc

$12,500 Referral Commission, took 2 min. and 30 seconds

Brian Batchelar, Real Estate Sale Representative, RE/MAX Realty Services Inc., Brokerage – has done a few deals

  1. An apartment building $12,500 commission, he was chatting with another real estate agent in his office who wanted an apartment in Windsor. Brian went to ICIWorld pulled off an apartment and gave her the info as a referral. He did not hear anything for 3 months and then got a cheque for 12,500 for doing a referral. It took 2 min. and 30 seconds. That was it!
  2. Another deal he leased some office space in Brampton to a major company on the stock exchange. 3,000sf He had it listed, He got a call direct from prospective tenant.  Showed the property and did the deal on the same day. 5 year lease $10,000.
  3. Another was piece of vacant land in Muskoka.  He listed it on ICIWorld and it sat for six months, got a call from an agent in Muskoka who arranged to see it and deal was done. Brian never did go to Muskoka.  He showed it and sold it, $3,500 commission. He never did go to Muskoka.The apartment and office lease were on MLS and advertised and sold and leased through ICIWorld. Land was exclusive on ICIWorld.
Brian Batchelar, Sale Representative
RE/MAX Realty Services Inc., Brokerage

The medical building that I had posted with you, I sold it FIRM with four offers!

Yes! I got the Buyers through Your site!! For Your Information:
The medical building that I had posted with you, I sold it FIRM with four offers!
Best Regards,
Nader Akhbari, Broker Of Record

Nader Akhbari, Broker Of Record
Toronto Homes and Buildings Realty Inc., Brokerage

David Grossman MBA

David Grossman, MBA, Mortgage Agent, Independent Mortgage Advisors Inc. reports closing a $3M loan on a gas station within one month joining ICIWorld.

David Grossman, MBA, Mortgage Agent
Independent Mortgage Advisors Inc

Deal on a small plaza, $1.9M

Baljinder Sra, Broker, RE/MAX Gold Realty Inc., Brokerage  gill Did a deal on a small plaza, $1.9M. He placed an exclusive listing on ICIWorld for the plaza. He received about 10 calls+ He had about 3 showings and one sale. He has also done other deals and actively works the service.
He also placed a commercial land exclusive listing on ICIWorld for $3.5M and sold it as a result. This is going to become a hotel and convention centre.

Baljinder Sra, Broker
RE/MAX Gold Realty Inc., Brokerage

Jane Nichols

Jane Nichols, Sales Representative, Sutton Group Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage. She advertised a residential property on ICIWorld and the mobile website that we supplied her. A buyer called Jane on a property.  Jane met with her and developed a business relationship. Jane worked with her to find a suitable property and to help to sell a property. She downsized to a condo. And Jane has developed a new friendship with her.  Website.

She has also leased a space for a dentist office and sold other businesses such as a dollar store, subway franchise and more.  It was the mother who while looking on Jane’s website for residential, saw commercial listings in the widgets from ICIWorld and talked to her daughter dentist about it and ended up calling Jane.

People were looking all over for investing and saw Jane’s listings on ICIWorld. She is presently working with other people now helping them find property.

Jane Nichols, Sales Representative,
Sutton Group Admiral Realty Inc., Brokerage

Two Databases

Database 1

This database is reserved for Professional Realtors.  Brokers and Sales Representatives who are executive members are able to enter all sorts of Real Estate Information.  If they WANT a property, HAVE a property to sell or their clients have given them the heads up on a COMING FOR SALE.

This is a WORLDWIDE Service.

Database 2

This database is reserved as a FOR SALE BY OWNER deployment. 

Anyone.  Anywhere in the World is welcome to provide real estate information.

This is a WORLDWIDE Service.

How does this all work for you?  This is EXTREMELY POWERFUL for you.

Here is your situation.  (This is based on Executive Member experiences.)

You are sitting at your desk.  A call is put through to you.  The person on the other end says, ” I am in town for 10 days on business,  I am a cash buyer, I have $10,000,000 to invest in a medial building.  I don’t care where it is.”

Now what?

Your grab your phone, or
You open your tablet, or
You go to your desktop.

That is the longest part of the process.

We GUARANTEE that within 60 seconds of starting your Search you will have viable properties to meet with this new contact about.  
Don’t think that could possibly be true?  Book a 30 minute demo!

It REALLY doesn’t get any better than that!!








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