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If you are a Real Estate Professional I would like to introduce you to amazing Real Estate Information Listing Service.  As an Executive Member you can take advantage of all of the services on this page.

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1. Real Estate World Marketing. Type in an ad and . . . with one click reach the world!

This results in successful transactions for buyers and sellers. All from networking exclusive information and advertising real estate board listings.

Read the testimonials of members making connections to do business. This proves everyone has a chance to do business on ICIWorld. 

And for the cost of one ad in a newspaper, do it all year long for all your ads, all your listings, and all your Have and Want networking opportunities. One simple service, expands your opportunities to do business.

2. Market listings on 1,000+ broker websites!


You can select to have your listings, Haves and Wants displayed on other brokers websites. Other brokers have agreed to allow their listings on your website.  What is better marketing exposure for your clients, to have your listings on one website or on thousands? If another broker brings you an offer, would you work with them?  If another broker has a lead generated from his/her website, would do a referral with them?  This is good for brokers and salespeople. And it is great for the public who would not have found out about the listing since 75% of them are exclusive not on real estate boards.

3. Display six widgets of listings on your own website in a way that you get the LEADS!


These ICIWorld Widgets of listings from members of ICIWorld are specially structured so that if you are a member people must ask you for more information. They can not click on the message numbers. However, if your membership expires, the message numbers are clickable. Get your information displayed and working through the industry by having an up to date membership.   

Not just real estate board listings make money. You can and should do both. We show you how to have fifteen and more opportunities working for you on the Internet. It expands your opportunities.

12 minutes to extra ordinary income. For licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.  Learn how to provide extra valuable services not available elsewhere in a major world fashion.

These are samples of other real estate broker and salesperson members on the cutting edge of an information service making money with exclusive information that you can not work on a real estate board.

In this sense ICIWorld gives you opportunities to make money that literally expands your ability to earn extra revenue.  How many listings do you have now on a real estate board? Now what if you could have fifteen more Haves and Wants working on the Internet for you 24/7 over the next ninety days. Your real estate license becomes very valuable. And you are providing a great service to the public. All commercial brokers have been doing this before the Internet in commercial real estate.  And the whole idea of doing this started at meetings at the Toronto Real Estate Board Networking sessions of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter.   We adapted this concept and put in online and you will see from the testimonials how great it can be for members who apply the concepts we teach. I too have been a broker for over 40 years and as a CCIM I invite you to contact me anytime to chat.

workshop16. Learn in Webinars and Seminars!

How to Work Exclusive Information (120 minutes seminar)

How To Promote Your Website (90 minutes)

Executive Members Training and Support (Various videos)


7.  Market unlimited ads and networking all year long, commercial and residential!

For the cost of one ad in a newspaper for one day, you can have unlimited ads all year long to a market of people in 138 countries as well as locally on computers, tablets, iPhones, Androids and all mobile devices. It is the ultimate in networking . . . all in the palm of your hands with mobile devices.

See circulation.

8. Market listings globally on all mobile devices with iciworld.mobi and Androids iPhones with the iciworld App.

Everyone makes connections to do business every 90 days or call us. 

mobilewebsites9. Access to 30,000 contacts to do business including Database 2 FSBO Area  

Results in 60 seconds . . . in the palm of your hand. iciworld.mobi for all mobile phones in the world

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