ICIWorld new information tools that are working GREAT for the 2019 year in marketing real estate.

Absolutely inevitable to trigger leads.

From a world brokers point of view, it is listings that trigger leads and now you will have them.

When I started in real estate we had nothing to start with, no listings, no website.

Study this page and the samples and you will see it is great and instant networking for the real estate industry . . . globally.

This is worksheet page explains how every broker website can have these unique real estate Have and Want opportunities.

This page to be graphically designed later.

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Provide This Global Service from Your Real Estate Website

For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

To get this all working for you, join today, print out orientation pdf file 8 pages, make an appointment with us.

We will personally go over with you, one on one, a checklist (review it in the orientation pdf file) for all members to ensure you are taking advantage of these information services. This is valuable for any member who has not made $$$ in the last three months or at the very least is not triggering leads.

From a brokers point of view it is real estate opportunities that trigger leads. Now you will have them.

See sample websites and explanation as follows.

ICIWorld Widgets are Links to Listings and Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities For A Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons Website

Other real estate brokers and salespeople have agreed to allow their listings, Have and Want real estate opportunities to be displayed on your website.

Provide this Global Networking Service from YOUR real estate website.

See sample websites with ICIWorld Widgets displaying links to listings.

The links are displayed in a way that YOU get the calls.

Do referrals. | Do direct business.

Some websites have a menu item heading called Exclusive with drop down box choices for exclusive.

Other websites have two headings, one called Residential and another called Commercial with drop down boxes of choices to search.

For a demo or to get started Make a 60 minute appointment conducted over the Internet. Order today Full solutions provided.

One time setup and then everything works automatically, listings, updating themselves daily, automatically.


Mary Coughlan


To order widgets of listings for your website

They can be modified and tailored.

Go to

Click on Join

After joining

Make an appointment

Ten minutes before your time go to

Click on Webinar Workshops

Our two computers will be connected

Complete solutions provided.


ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople who are advertising listings, networking real estate opportunities, on mobile devices and computers, and reaching people globally in 138 countries daily since 1994. Designed to grow to provide networking services for every area of the world and . . . for every real estate broker and salesperson in the world to serve the public. ICIWorld mobile Apps, mobile websites and, and the way widgets are being designed to work are recent continuing developments.


Ask for a seminar for your real estate office or association.

Everyone in the world interested in real estate can and should install the ICIWorld App.

You will be seconds away from seeing the latest real estate listings, Have and Want opportunities.

50%-75% of the information is not on real estate boards and is unique on ICIWorld.

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople, operating since 1994, advertising listings, networking exclusive real estate opportunities, on mobile devices and computers and displaying information to people in 138 countries daily.

There is no charge for anyone to search.

There is only a small fee for brokers and salespeople to place information in Database 1. It is free for the public to post information in Database 2. Details at

More information and choice becomes available to the public not available on real estate boards at this time. We invite real estate boards to provide this service for their members.

My one wish? May the industry find out about it and use it before I die. (I should have 10+ years left with any luck)

Why? Think . . . about the benefits. Not just for your personal benefit but for the public . . . everyone in the world. More trades in real estate contribute to the economic well being of a nation that benefits everyone. Talk to someone about a real estate Have or Want and work that "thought" to do business. ICIWorld.