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Travel Health and Secuity

Preparation is key to safe travel

Scams are lucrative for criminals

  • every time you take money out of using your debit card, depending on the location, you are charged a $5 fee or more.
  • bring one debit card and one credit card and leave rest at home
  • tourists may encounter fake police
  • pickpocketing is prevalent across the globe

Statistical data on travel scams are difficult to track.

  • in England and Wales, there were 107,471 offences of "theft from the person" in 2012.
  • staff at the Louvre in France went on strike in protest over "increasingly aggressive" thieves who target tourists and staff alike, shutting the world's most visited museum
  • Tourism Authority of Thailand warns tourists of rampant pickpocketing in markets and tourist destinations
  • The Canadian Bankers Association reports financial institutions reimbursed moe than $439 Million to their Canadian credit card customers as a direct result of crime.
  • look out for questionable business practices. "you won a free trip!" You could be blindsided by fees.
  • unregulated taxis

Fraud from AARP

Road safety is a lifesaver
The threat of terrorism and natural disasters is far exceeded by traffic accidents -- in which an estimated 25,000 international travelers are killed each year. In fact, vehicle crashes are the number-one hazard for travelers --and the main reason International SOS receive calls for evacuation. In many parts of the world, driving is chaotic, streets are crowded and roads under-maintained. Unless you're familiar with local road conditions, don't drive on your own. Look for a trusted driver, always wear your seatbelt and speak up if you feel unsafe. According to the CDC, injuries cause 10 times more tourist deaths each year than diseases.


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