Millions of dollars in commercial real estate transactions have been consummated and income earned!  And more . . . on the way!

Shopping Centers Sold, Restaurants Sold, Apartment Buildings Sold, Retail and  Industrial Buildings Leased and Sold, Resorts Sold, Land Sold, Manufacturing Businesses Sold, Hotels Sold, Golf Courses Sold, Commercial Buildings Sold, Land Sold, Subdivisions Sold, Motels Sold, Trailer Parks Sold, Businesses Sold, Development Land Sold, Office Buildings Sold, and many more on the way!

Technology  will  never  replace Realtors..
"Realtors with Technology"  will ..

It takes a 60 minute Training Program conducted in your office over the phone to bring you up to speed on the Internet.  In the seminars that I do, I talk about the fact that 90% of the brokers have not really arrived on the Internet in an effective fashion.  

The following Executive Members have gone through the Training and Orientation Program and have served their clients successfully and made money.  

No matter where in the world you are, you will benefit from this Training Program.  It is one thing to have a jet outside your door.  It sounds good.  You can fly all around the world.  However if you do not know how to fly it, you are not going anywhere.  For over ten years we have been learning what it takes to succeed using information technology.  And now you get the benefit in one 60 minute session AND you also get a year long membership to learn how to work Have and Want Information in YOUR marketplace that is making these brokers thousands of dollars.

We have worked with a lot of "tough" brokers, and all of them have thanked us for staying with them when others would have given up on them.  The reason?  We are inspired by all the successes and we look forward to your successes when you join.

On this service it really is not the listings that are most important, it is the people.  There are many benefits of developing relationships with others on this service.  When there is trust and respect, many doors open for you. Your integrity counts.  This world is smaller than you think.

Look for opportunities to develop relationships. 

If you are skeptical, then call one of our members today.  

We believe that every member on this service will do deals.  However there is a responsibility on your to look after your information.  We will teach you to place information in a quality manner and work it effectively to trigger responses from the marketplace. 

The following are some Executive Members who have sold and/or leased anywhere from one to 20 properties.  And they are all working on their next deal.  Once you learn how to work have and want information through ICI World, it unlocks a whole world of opportunities for you to make money and serve people better and smarter.  This can benefit you, your family and your clients immensely.  

Where to start on the Internet?  Right here!  

Call now no matter where in the world you live and work 416-214-4875 and ask for Gary. 

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Rick Odegaard, BA, FRI
London Commercial Realty Inc.
Bill Bradley
Re/Max About Town Realty Inc.
John Alkins, Broker
Alkins Real Estate Ltd.
Brian Morrison, Associate Broker
Royal LePage Grand Locations Real Etate
Habib Quadri, Sales Representative
Sutton Group Realty Systems Inc.
Murray Gibbons, Sales Representative,
Patrick Hurley Real Estate
Stephen K. Rath, Associate Broker
Royal LePage RCR Realty
Bus. 905-939-2000
Joe Bulger, Broker
Pentel Realty Ltd.
Bus. 905-372-2211

Randal Furlan, Associate Broker
Coldwell Banker Excel Realty Services Inc.
Bus. 1-800-788-4666

John Campisano, Associate Broker
Re/Max Niagara Realty Ltd.
Bus. 905-356-9600

Alfred Story, Sales Representative
Shelley PYM Realty
Bus. 905-562-7991

Gordon Morrell, CCIM, Associate Broker
Peak Realty
Bus. 519-747-0231

Chandrakant Sachdev, M.B.I.M., Real Estate Broker
Rainbow Allstar Realty Inc.
Bus. 905-948-1770

Ray & John Jarvis, Broker/Owner
HomeLife Muskoka Real Estate Ltd.
Bus. 705-789-1737

Charles Umpherson, CCIM, FRI, Broker
Umpherson Realty Inc.
Bus. 613-396-5567

Frank Magnus, Broker
Bagot Realty Inc.
Bus. 905-831-8879

Bruce Cooke, BBA, CCIM, Commercial Sales Representative
Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty
Bus. 613-966-6060

Dave Sohal, Broker
Bridgecan Realty
Bus. 905-332-2322

Marga Weigel, CCIM, PhD, Associate Broker
Re/Max Real Estate Centre Inc.
Bus. 519-741-0950

Paul Wagner, BA, Broker
Royal LePage - Crown Realty Services Inc.
Bus. 519-241-4947

Claude Beaudoin, Chartered Real Estate Agent
T.A.P.P. Realty Inc.
Bus. 819-771-7799

Alex Brigante, Broker
Network Realty Ltd.
Bus. 416-630-9684 303

Gilles Brunet, Broker
Coldwell Banker Charles Marsh Real Estate Inc.
Bus. 705-566-6111

John Perruzza, Sales Representative
Network Realty Ltd.
Bus. 416-630-8060

Chester Stocki, Sales Representative
sutton group - executive realty (1993) inc.
Bus. 905-571-7000

Mohan Maharaj, President
Aspire Management Realty Ltd.
Bus. 403-424-7157

Rosemary Barfoot, Sales Representative
RE/MAX Welland Realty Ltd.
Bus. 905-732-4426 236

Peter Benninger, Broker, Commercial Division
Coldwell Banker Peter Benninger Realty
Bus. 519-743-5211

Al Wenghofer, Broker
Trans-Continental Inc.
Bus. 705-741-1277

Lou Grottola, Sales Representative
Re/Max Cataract City Realty (1991) Ltd.
Bus. 905-356-9600

Ray Floyd, Sales Representative
Royal LePage Your Community Realty
Bus. 416-822-9454

Paul Hatorp, Associate Broker
The Rodger Bailey Realty Corp.
Bus. 905-688-0421

Arnold Sandler, P.Eng.
Sandler Mergers & Acquisitions
Derek Green, Sales Representative
Re/Max Eastern Realty Inc.
Bus. 705-743-9111
John Bujouves, Sales Representative
Coldwell Banker 1st London Real Estate Services Inc.
Bus. 519-642-4900
Pat McNeil, CCIM
Koyl Commercial Real Estate Royal LePage
Bus. 306-668-1817
Ron Bobker, President
Spectrum Environmental
Bus. 905-842-6411
Timothy Mattioli, Sales Representative
Re/Max Escarpment Realty Inc.
Bus. 905-575-5478
Ben Van Dyk
Realty World Info Market Group
Coaldale, Alberta
Lou Goedemondt, FRI
Goedmondt Real Estate Limited
Bus. 705-734-4615
Janet Coulter
Coldwell Banker Graham Thomson Real Estate
Paul Byers, Associate Broker
Century 21 Twin County Realty Ltd.
John Campisano, Associate Broker
Re/Max Niagara Realty Ltd.
Bus. 905-356-9600
Mark Armstrong, FRI, CMR
Mark Armstrong Realty Ltd.
Mike Perretta, Broker
Century 21 Associates Inc.
Judy Kazimer
Re/Max Commercial Focus Inc.
Manson Slik, CAI, CPPAG
Gordon's Auctioneers & Realty Inc.
There are hundreds of others to numerous to mention.
Our techniques work in every marketplace in the world.  You just have to contact us and we can explain. 
May we invite you to plug into the world?  To chat about it do not hesitate to call 416-214-4875 anytime.

All information is from sources deemed to be accurate.  

More recent sales.

Sample Testimonials These testimonials inspire us to grow the service.  

Here is another story that I heard recently

One broker had a $1,000,000 property on the service.  He received an email from Geneva Switzerland and after a while of going back and forth with email and eventually showing the property sold it.  The gentleman was an accountant and had received the golden handshake from his firm and was returning to his home country.  Not only did the broker sell the property that was on ICI World but he later he sold the family a home for $500,000.   All business with and through this client can be considered benefits for a lifetime.  The home sale is what I call a secondary deal because it occurred as a result of an original contact through ICI World.  These are the kind of stories that I am hearing about weekly.  They are common through this service! The first is what I call a primary deal where someone purchases the actual property placed on the service.  The second is what I call a secondary deal, selling a home but the client came through ICI World.  Secondary deals also include obtaining a client off ICI World and selling something else not on the service.  Another example of a secondary deal was a broker competing for a listing.  When he specifically used ICI World in his listing presentation when handling objections, he got the listing.  He got the listing by using ICI World and ended up selling it through other means.  All of these are benefits to their clients and to the members.  You will  hear more on this later from me.  I call it the "Power of Many."  It is the power of an industry to help you in your individual affairs.

We also get reports from the public who our members have served and the fact that they like the service and visit it often.  There are now over 1,400 private for sales in the FSBO area of people wanting to do business and inviting members to do business with them and many now have!  If you have a "have or want" you should place it now free in the FSBO area.  You may be about to do some business!

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We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
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