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Time, Work and Effort

Every single person in real estate can benefit from a real estate Have and Want information service.

The following brokers and salespeople who have done these transactions are the ones on the cutting edge of technology showing the rest of the world, the public and especially other real estate professionals that it can be done quite nicely. Why? Because you are giving a chance to yourself and to the public to effect a sale or lease.

A tremendous amount of work and time goes into having a license to trade in real estate. Learning laws, covenants, codes of ethics, education, classrooms with weeks of learning. Meetings, phone calls, driving all over the place.  Getting all the tools of the trade, calculators, computers, iPads, Blackberries, measuring devices.  Studying listings, doing open houses, and it goes on and on in a never ending stream of duties, services and the like.

This dedication sometimes is not appreciated when it seems that only showing one property and making $20,000 sounds exorbitant.

But what people are missing is recognizing the planning, preparation, studying of the market, comps, financing, etc. that puts one in a position to provide services and then the cooperation and sharing of this information among professionals who have invested heavily in offices, phones, secretaries, assistants, advertising, with overheads of $80,000 per month for some offices, all to serve you and help you accomplish your goals.

Just to be able to identify opportunities, provide services that help find a buyer as quickly as possible. Ensuring that things are looked after on behalf of a sale for a homeowner is a big responsibility with literally hundreds of things that could go wrong if not looked after.

Organized real estate in the USA and Canada has provided these services for years successfully. 

Now with information services it is more important than ever when the bottom line is being eroded by some where services are provided for $1 or $500 and people are expecting the same service there is going to be hell to pay as people will be suing people for problems that arise because of lack of oversight, caring and due diligence.

A commission is a benefit for the public. They are sometimes not sure they can sell especially at some prices people ask.

A real estate professional takes that problem on and works on it as his own time and expense and only makes money if there is a successful transaction. Now that is incentive and motivation.

90% of the millionaires in the world, the ones that own property buy and sell property, made it in real estate. Use the power of the real estate industry, real estate professionals, with the knowledge and connections they have and create wealth through real estate.

Information takes time, knowledge, and all the above to be able to recognize it, disseminate it, place it on ICIWorld. 

It is this information that is helping all people provide choices in real estate and virtually helping people create wealth for themselves and their families.

It is free enterprise at work. Land is purchased and new buildings are being built. Improvements are made in purchases of commercial and residential properties.

All of this stimulates consumer spending, business growth.

The Internet and now information services and tools can simply help and benefit all.

Real estate brokers and salespeople are in the best position to identify, quantify, and display real estate Haves and Wants as an industry.

Utilize the power of the real estate industry through the power of organized real estate. Contact a member today and place your Have and/or Want real estate type information with them.

Plant the seeds of success.


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