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ICIWorld members provide a National/International Information Database of Exclusve Real Estate Listings, Have and Want Real Estate Opportunities - 75% Exclusive, not on real estate boards, unique on ICIWorld, provided by real estate brokers and salespeople of the world and operating since 1994.

The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network is a community of like minded people interested in real estate from people in 138+ countries. As the use of the Internet grows with mobile access, the readership on this service also grows.

SEARCH FREE DAILY OR REGULARLY on your phone for new listings, Haves and Wants in you area.

NEW! 0- 8,000+ mobile device users since March/2016 and doubling in 2017.


For all mobile devices, add a shortcut to www.iciworld.mobi  3-7 sec to display results.

Install the ICIWorld App for iPhones, Androids.

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ADD YOUR LISTINGS, HAVES AND WANTS with a click and reach people in 138 countries daily . . . INSTANTLY. For licensed real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide in Database 1 and the public in Database 2.


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Brokers can also provide this service from their own website. See ICIWorld Widgets. This provides great exposure in the marketplace on the Internet for all broker Haves and Wants when you have 1,500+ other brokers marketing the listings from other members but on their own websites on the Internet. This generates referral opportunities for every single broker member unless you have little or no traffic to your website. We have solutions for that.


See readership, distribution and circulation.


30,000-40,000 unique IP Addresses monthly as close as we can get to a count of people to network with and do business + 20,000 EMail distributed daily to subscribers + traffic from mobile devices and Apps for iPhones, Androids, 8,000+. This brings in new prospects and clients for your listings, Haves and Wants.


Think about how much a billboard in your city costs with a traffic count of 30,000 to 40,000 cars per day. All should come to appreciate the investment here, and we say investment because every single member must and should do deals and at the very least develop business relationships to do deals every 90 days.


See Our Pledge.


Does it work for the public and licensed real estate brokers and salespeople?


See 50 pages of testimonials, so you know you are not wasting your time.


Full training and support, one on one, over the Internet no matter where in the world you are located.
One time orientation strongly suggested.


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Every Video is applicable to this day from day 1.


Time Required Once You Are A Member.


Click on Make An Appointment at the top for a demo, to get started, or for questions.
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We can not have 20 people calling in at once.  But we can easily handle 20 appointments.
Ten minutes before your time call 416-214-4875 if you have any problem.


Information is power. Stay in touch by installing the ICIWorld App and by seeing new  real estate listings, Haves and Wants daily 75% not on real estate boards, yet placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. All real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide may keep in touch by clicking and connecting with us through all of the above social media. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

This is a Society of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Serving the Public, Networking Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities, Marketing Listings, on Mobile Devices and Computers and,

sharing and displaying Haves/Wants on member websites Worldwide.

Industrial, Commercial, Investment (ICI) and Residential Real Estate Opportunities.
Readership from the public locally and from people in 138 countries.

To Increase your net worth . . . increase your network.

ICIWorld.com Since 1994.


World organizations and companies are invited to contact us to provide this world service tailored to grow and adapt for your organization.

Real estate helps build successful economies of nations. This service has the potential to add to and unlock every countries potential to build economic prosperity. Sample GDP articles,

Instant global networking.  Started in Toronto in 1994 by a REALTOR, CCIM, and CIPS member, and input from thousands, of Realtors, CCIM's and others, now serving the USA and the world.


It is real estate brokers and salespeople building a place in the world to network real estate opportunities, advertise listings, for the ultimate in instant world wide marketing and exposure to benefit the public.

See transactions,  business created, by unlocking opportunities to do deals, that are not on the listing services of the world. CLICK HERE