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The highest return on investment (ROI) of any industry using the Internet is REAL ESTATE.

One lead, one showing, one deal.

One lead, one referral, one cheque.

There are ways for all web sites to generate leads.

SUGGESTION: Most all Web Site companies will provide help to design and promote your web site. It is up to you to call them when if you are not generating leads and ask them for help. Our recommendation is that you do not go longer than 90 days without generating a lead or doing a deal or call them. There are things they can do. If you get discouraged it is like driving a car and running out of gas. DO YOU ABANDON THE CAR?


  • a web site should have are listings. 

  • they should be easy to see quickly

  • This is because people are interested in listings and if you have listings on your web site they may call you on one listing, you book an appointment and go show it and make some money.

  • MLS listings (thousands)

  • exclusive listings (thousands)


  • You can and should have more than one web site.

  • If you think of them as billboards and they are all generating leads then why not!

  • You do not need more than one domain name on your business card because there is a simple way to link your web sites together. When people visit one web site they see an invitation from you to visit your other web site.

  • This all can help with search engine optimization.

  • You get the best of the power of more than one web site company. Some companies have listings that the others do not have.

  • If you are missing listings on your web site, can you be missing generating calls?  You bet. Therefore it is best to make sure you have a most complete set of information.

  • There is a lot of exclusive residential homes and commercial property not on real estate boards so you want to include that as well or you are missing out. 

RECOMMENDATION: Display Listings but what listings?

IDX stands for Internet Data Exchange There are other terms but essentially other brokers and salespeople have agree to allow their listings to be on your web site. ICIWorld has been doing this for years. It works. Because if someone sees a listing on YOUR web site, the hope is that they will call YOU for more information. Bingo you have a showing today, you have a chance to make money today.  Where do you get these links?

  1. IDX links from your real estate board.  People can search your real estate board for listings from YOUR  web site. (ICIWorld installs them if you are a member of ICIWorld) Updated daily from your real estate board. Usually with addresses and listing brokers that must be shown. Your broker must sign an agreement with your board in many cases to provide this.

  2. IDX link from ICIWorld (thousands of commercial and residential listings updated daily automatically where other brokers have agreed to allow them to be on your web site, structured with a message number and limited details without addresses showing or listing broker showing.)

  3. ICIWorld can install free links where you do not have to join ICIWorld.

  4. ICIWorld can install the paid links ($240 per year)

  5. certain web sites such as Point2 have thousands of residential and commercial listings with photos both MLS and exclusive.

  6. other web site companies Web Tech Dezine, Real Web Leads, and many others too numerous to mention.

  7. Search Google

  8. from your own company.  Ask others in your office or your broker for his/her recommendation.

  9. Web site capture pages. Ask them to fill in a form to receive information.

  10. Other free and useful information, a calculator for mortgages.

RECOMMENDATION: It is important to have support to build the web site, to help you look after it and promote it. This consultation can be the difference of helping you generate leads or not.

  • most all companies provide customer support

  • some are easier than others to log in and make changes

  • in the case of ICIWorld, we support all web sites with links to listings. The specialty of these links is that they are structured so that you get the calls! The importance of this can not be overstated. One lead, that leads to a showing and selling of a property can essentially provides the highest return of any industry using the Internet today for ROI - return on Investment. ie: one example is INVESTMENT in ICIWorld $240 per year, INVESTMENT in a web site $199 per year, RETURN: one lead for a referral averages $3,000 to $10,000, one sale can be $5,000 to $10,000 to $25,000 to $50,000 to $100,000 and more.  See testimonials. And we are not the only service doing this.

  • ICIWorld supplies special links to new daily content that generate leads

  • ICIWorld makes recommendations on buttons

  • ICIWorld helps you promote the web site the rest of your life

  • If and when you get a Point2 site from ICIWorld you will have two levels of support.

  • ICIWorld is also an official distributor of the Point2Agent web site solution. We are an educator of this web site.  We are a first line of support for this web site!  Call 416-214-4875.

  • In addition there is support from Point2 6 days per week 1-866-977-1777.

  • ICIWorld provides strategies and totally designs the first web site to get you totally up and running.  It is about a 90 minute workshop working one on one with you.

  • It is customizable by you. We actually engage you to get into it and make changes yourself. If you have some enthusiasm much like driving a car to learn, you can do this.

  • There are 600,000 real estate people using Point2. 

  • Recently CREA signed an agreement with Point2 to advertise MLS listings on Point2. The hope is that you can simply hand in your MLS listing and it will get added to the Point2 agent network and then populate your site.

RECOMMENDATION: To have a web site with these features is really very good. 

  1. Naturally to display listings.

  2. ability to allow either you or your clients to request listings by EMail that match their criteria. This means your web site when another broker adds a listing that matches what your prospect is looking for, your prospect gets an email from you and your web site!  They call you to see. Bingo another showing!

  3. it is good to have both MLS AND ... EXCLUSIVE being sent out to them! OTHERWISE YOU ARE MISSING OUT AND DO NOT REALIZE IT.

  4. customizable buttons of cities and areas of listings that reflect the market area you are in, ie: listing cities and/or neighbourhoods

  5. customizable buttons that provide priorities of the kind of listings you sell: ie: homes, condos, power of sales, commercial all types, waterfront, all these can be buttons on your web site including your specialty no matter what it is!!!

  6. A resource links button to help people learn and discover all the places and things that will help them enjoy life in your area. Sample of links for your web site link resources.

  7. See samples of web sites that can generate leads and make money. Resource

  8. Other Resources


  1. Add all social media to your web site.

  2. Have an event page area.

  3. Provide charitable causes and events, invitations.

You can have the best web site in the world, but if you have no traffic going to your web site you still won't generate leads. See How To Promote Your Web Site.

This is your real estate office building on the Internet. Twitter ICIWorld Youtube ICIWorldInc Channel

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