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Checklist to Increase Your Opportunities

The following instructions and guidelines help ensure that every single member on ICIWorld is either doing deals or at the very least making connections to do business.

There are more than five billion people using the Internet and ICIWorld is one of the highest traffic sites on the Internet for real estate listings, and Have and Want exclusive information.

This checklist of instructions are particularly important to increase your opportunities to do deals.

All 1,000 members on ICIWorld should either be doing deals or generating leads to make money or you call us. Simply make an appointment for a 30 minute workshop. We are now averaging 14 appointments per day. It is getting everyone up and running and actively doing deals.

This service is a major competitive advantage no matter where in the world you are located.  

  1. If you read Our Pledge you will learn that if you are stuck on anything longer than 5-8 minutes trying to do something with your Executive Membership or web site you should call weekdays 416-840-6227 or after hours and weekends 416-214-4875. Point2 support is 1-866-977-1777 9:30am-5:30pm six days per week. Time is money.

  2. Every member should have a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants on ICIWorld!  If you do not know how to to it, see The Three Questions this is a video. They are in the Training Videos at Log In Member Management at Some members have earned $50,000 within 90 days of learning them.

  3. Update Your Haves and Wants on ICIWorld every 30-60 days. Why? Your listings may get to the bottom of the database. The readership, 20,000 to 30,000 people monthly get so busy working the top half of the database they do not have a chance to get to the bottom.  Secondly you are missing the 15,000 to 20,000 circulation, EMail distribution of new and modified listings going on DAILY to the public!

  4. ICIWorld now accomodates full Residential!

    Homes all price ranges are now allowed!

    Residential estates and single family homes, condos, cottages, vacation properties, and more.

    We have figured out a way to separate residential from commercial.

    If it is an individual condo, it must go under Single Family Homes and Condos, NOT Apartment Buildings, Condos, Townhouses unless it is an investment that can be rented out. Put it in both if it applies.

    If you have a duplex it can go under both if you want it: ie: single family homes AND apartment buildings because apartment buildings is our investment category. 

    Apartment buildings is meant for properties with 2 to 100+ units, rental investment units.

  5. Residential peek at the new residential web site design. Your initial feedback on the design, suggestions for buttons and options are appreciated. Remember you benefit from this as it is your service to generate business for you and your clients. EMail

  6. Log In to your Web Site a minimum of once per month or your web site and listings can go inactive.

    Look After Your ToDo List. 

    These are things that can make a difference of you generating leads or not generating leads.

  7. Are you getting leads from your web site every 90 days?

    What good is a great web site with thousands of residential and commercial listings, MLS AND EXCLUSIVE, if you have no traffic going to it?

    The links we supply on your web site update themselves 50-150 new listings per day and you do not have to do a thing. When people see an ad, they HAVE TO CALL YOU! If you do not have any one calling, it has to be because you have no one going to your web site. Solution?

    Register for the next session of "How To Promote My Web Site" This is Exclusive for Executive Members Only.

    This is once a month ... every month ... It is something you should embrace with a passion. Think about it, if you get someone to go to your web site tomorrow and they see a listing they like, they have to call you to set an appointment.  You show it and write an offer, close the deal and make $50,000!  It has been that straight forward for many members. 

    You should take this course every month until you are generating leads! It really is a full day session crammed into 90 minutes. That is why you should take it every month because it is simply too much to learn in one session.

  8. Start placing your WANTS ... AND ... HAVES! Residential AND commercial. DON'T BE A SECRET AGENT! Place what your buyers are looking for. 

    See the four ingredients that should be in every subject line. Part of the sizzle for a buyer of a home is such things as qualified, can close 30-180 days, etc.

  9. Placing Haves for residential make sure you choose Residential Estates and Single Family Homes. You can link the listing to your web site page of the listing.

  10. Some wonder how can we help 1,000 and eventually 2,000 and more members with a limited staff of less than ten people? 

    It is because the training is the same for most all members. 

    Once you learn, you will be advertising, networking and marketing directly with the world yourself through your computer.

    Most things work on auto pilot including your website which updates itself automatically daily with new listings.

    We have recorded sessions for you to study for your convenience any time.

    How To Add Haves, Wants, How To Search Database 1, How To Search Database 2, How To Search By Message Number, and much much more. Everyone should learn the videos 2-7 in the Training Videos.

    The goal is to keep the price of advertising down as low as possible while achieving the ultimate in marketing on the Internet.

    Please see the Training Videos on the left at and click on Training Videos, Resource section on the left at Log In Member Management (You should add this to your favourites bar.)

    It took six months to record the training and another six months to convert them into YouTube videos that can be played on any of your devices as well as any computer.  Everyone should become familiar with them all. 

    One video for instance will show you in 12 minutes the Three Questions that has helped some members make $50,000 in 90 days.

    Assistance is also provided by way of one on one Webinar workshops. They are 30 minutes long one on one with you by appointment.

    See Daily Webinar Workshops.

    Every member should have one session a minimum of once per year. Web sites are a one time 90 minutes to set up. Orientation 30 minutes. Installing IDX link from your real estate board 15 minutes. Installing other links, ie: Power of Sales, Business Opportunities Page, FSBO's average 15 minutes.  All these can generate leads from your web site.

    Most things are a one time setup and then an annual review. You are dealing directly with the public world wide through a computer.

    ICIWorld is mainly a self help service with Training Videos and some printouts 


  11. All members should be going to click on Log In Member Management.

    You will see instructions on this page links for Training Videos, Welcome Instruction Page, Startup video, Table of Contents, etc.

    All choices are on the left hand green screen with the red diamonds including getting your password if you forgot it.

    This is what we cover on your first startup session. YouTube WMV file It is possible for you to start on your own. But book a time and we will help you.

  12. See our new Training Videos We worked on converting most all of the Window Media Videos over six months to a youtube format.  They can be played on any of your devices. We are mainly a self help service and because most of the assistance is similar for every single member we have recorded these sessions.

  13. Welcome Instruction Page for all new and renewing members. Make sure you see number 12 in the Marketing Plan. It has helped some members make $50,000 within 90 days. Called the Three Questions. There is also a 12 minute video Part 7 (The Three Questions) on this in the Training Videos. This can help you get up to a minimum fifteen Haves and Wants that we recommend that you have on ICIWorld.

  14. Our Pledge Every member should know our pledge.  Know and understand why it is inevitable and you will see that if you are not doing deals or business it is because of something you are not doing. Call for help and we will help you.

  15. Telephone Support: Bus. 416-840-6227 After hours 416-214-4875 and weekends to make appointments for your one on one workshop.

  16. Executive Membership Renewal Details Renewal Invoice If your Executive Membership ever expires and for any reason you are not renewing, then the links to listings from ICIWorld must be removed or changed to the free ones and we can do it for you. Otherwise you are still liable for the annual fee. See Renewal Invoice.

  17. Instructions for your web site designer Install revenue producing links for all your web sites! It may be easier to request the links from our office as we have a standard EMail that you can forward to your designers.

  18. Monthly Tuneup checklist.

  19. If for any reason you are not making money this is what we will check in your membership in a 30 minute one on one workshop with you:

    Material Defects Everyone should review this! Fixing these items increases your opportunities to do business.

    Call us and we will help if you do not understand.

  20. Seminar or Webinar for your office or real estate board. Understanding and How to Use the Powers of the Internet.  It will help your sales team understand the Powers of the Internet and generate more leads for them and your whole office as well as making them wiser and more careful about the Internet!

  21. Add revenue generating listing feeds to all your web sites!

  22. Does all this work? You bet!  See testimonials. This should be everyone's inspiration that business is being done. It is very exciting.

  23. Security This is essential reading for everyone who uses the Internet. Everyone should make a weekend of this with the family. If everyone is aware of problems of the Internet things will be safer. Hook your computer up to your TV and play some of the video links. Learn how to design a proper safe password. If you do not know what phishing is, it is like not knowing what a stop sign is and much more.

  24. Connect with your iPhone or Blackberry. Just visit with your android, iPhone or Blackberry and an application will detect your device and provide information at your fingertips.  Add the link to your home screen.

  25. Receive EMail of daily listings by EMail.

  26. YouTube Channell Go To Our You Tube Page Here

Most things are a one time setup and once set up work on auto pilot.

However there are three things you must do regularly:

  1. log in to your web site a minimum of once per month and look after your To Do List

  2. Search and add listings from time to time.

  3. Promote your web site daily including how you hand out your business card. Learn more in the How To Promote My Web Site Webinar. Register

if you get stuck trying to do something longer than 5-8 minutes, just call us.

Call us with your success story so we can place you in the testimonials. In some cases the public has called members from this page because they like to do business with members who do business in their area.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.
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