How Brokers Can Do More Sales With Real Estate Information And Help The Public

Building Opportunities:

    • One idea, one concept, one contact has the potential to construct an entire city.
    • A developer armed with a single idea can shape a city, erect apartment complexes, establish shopping centers, and create retirement communities. This represents a valuable networkable resource.
    • Likewise, a visionary restaurateur’s ideas for a restaurant in a specific location are not mere musings; they are a form of networkable information.
    • And transferring ownership to others based on desires to retire, or simply getting bored and want to move on, or change is as good as a rest, or wanting to develop something new and exit the situation they are in. These are all thoughts motivating people.  Wants are what they are looking to do next. 
    • Families seeking to purchase businesses for income generation contribute to a wealth of ideas, thoughts, and networkable information within the real estate industry.
  • Realtor Assistance:
    • Realtors play a vital role in uncovering real estate development opportunities, often relying on platforms like MLS. However, obtaining a signed listing for MLS is not always feasible.
    • Every “Want” that comes across any broker’s path signifies an opportunity.
    • It is crucial for all real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide to make their “Wants” accessible on the Internet.
  • Swift Connections:
    • Property owners can directly engage with you, while fellow brokers, recognizing potential matches, can initiate contact with you. This process unfolds rapidly, akin to contacting a broker, buyer, or seller and scheduling same-day showings.
    • Speed is essential because opportunities are time-sensitive.
  • ICIWorld Platform:
    • ICIWorld is designed to simplify the process of brokers and salespeople posting their “Wants” in a searchable online database called
    • Prompt action is key: When an owner expresses a willingness to sell, you can quickly contact a broker with a corresponding “Want” and arrange a showing the next day.
  • Networking Benefits:
    • The act of networking with the right individuals at the right time is a powerful way to initiate business or property transactions.
    • This practice takes full advantage of the Information Age, where opportunities can be shared seamlessly.
  • Haves and Wants:
    • In the realm of real estate, “Haves” represent property owners with an intention to sell, while “Wants” denote the aspirations of buyers or developers.
    • If a developer desires to acquire development land, it is classified as a “Want.”
    • Conversely, when an owner possesses development land and wishes to sell, it becomes a “Have.”
  • Overcoming Listing Challenges:
    • In situations where securing an MLS listing is challenging, you can network that information as a real estate agent, aware of potential buying or selling opportunities.
    • Posting these opportunities on ICIWorld can help you find interested parties, ultimately leading to listing agreements once interest is established.
  • Positive Impact:
    • This approach expands choices for the public, enhances the range of services offered by brokers, and ensures consumer protection through their specialized training.
  • Impressive Success Stories:
    • While exact sales figures are confidential, testimonials from brokers collaborating on ICIWorld suggest total sales exceeding $1 billion in real estate, with some individual brokers achieving over $200 million in sales and earning substantial commissions.
  • Networking Validation:
    • Individual salespeople have successfully connected buyers with off-MLS real estate opportunities, as evidenced by numerous testimonials showcasing the effectiveness of networking information.
  • Wide Networking Possibilities:
    • Networking information publicly can lead to valuable connections and transactions, a feat not achievable through MLS without a signed listing.
  • Realtor’s Role:
    • Realtors are uniquely positioned in the marketplace to identify opportunities, compile them, and share them on ICIWorld, sparking interest and igniting potential deals.

In summary, the ability to connect, share ideas, and network information plays a pivotal role in the dynamic world of real estate, offering opportunities for growth, innovation, and success.

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