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Handouts for all ICIWorld Seminars, Webinars

Providing automatic digital and Internet tools and real estate concepts that will benefit you the rest of your life if you so choose.

Members of ICIWorld also have personal one on one assistance over the Internet by appointment to help implement these Internet tools and real estate concepts. The Orientation pdf file print out provides a step by step instruction. It is like a pilots checklist for a broker. There also is an orientation video. See four Webinars on demand at click on Seminars.

After a one time appointment conducted over the Internet, most everything is automatic such as: web sites up dating themselves 50-100 new listings daily from ICIWorld automatically, and you almost do not have to do a thing. You just search from time to time for new listings daily. And you add, modify, delete listings, Haves and Wants from time to time. Search, make connections, show property and make money from time to time. Receive calls, show property, and make money from time to time. See testimonials on the main page at

*We recommend logging into your web site once per month to make sure everything continues to work on it.

Go to Login, then see Log In Member Management Page for details.

  1. Presentation Includes | Seminar Content | Seminar Promo | Webinar Content
  2. Application Special | Application Special 2019
  3. Application Special USA
  4. Testimonials PDF File
  5. Brochure 1
  6. Brochure 2
  7. Commercial
  8. Internet Work Sheet
  9. Evaluation
  10. Have Sheet
  11. Real Estate On The Internet
  12. Residential
  13. Orientation PDF File 8 pages INSTRUCTIONS FOR ALL MEMBERS Print out.
  14. To all Residential and Commercial Salespeople
  15. Want Sheet
  16. We exhibited
  17. What is a CCIM?
  18. Why is it essential?
  19. Power Point Presentation Slides (4 slides on each page)
  20. Power Point Presentation PDF File (4 slides on each page)
  21. Appropriate sample web site.
  22. Testimonials (We suggest you do not print this because it is over 50 pages.  Just click on the link and read it on line. We actually supply this in print format in a hand out to really demonstrate all the success stories of members.  This is all cutting edge technology that is really working when you have things properly set up and in place.) Testimonials PDF File
  23. Testimonials (Running slide show PowerPoint)
  24. Power Point Presentation of Sample Web Sites 10 seconds each slide You will view this on line.
  25. To get all the networking tools working for you and to get started go to Membership Details.
  26. Find Properties In Minutes Brochure in Colour
  27. Widgets Brochure Post Card
  28. ICIWorld App
  29. Banner Residential City EMail List Servers
  30. QR Code
  31. Banner 1 Advantages
  32. Banner 2a 75percent Exclusive
  33. Find any business within a minute
  34. Results in 60 seconds
  35. Exclusive Properties
  36. BIO
  37. Corporate VIP Card
  38. Corporate VIP Banner $100's savings ICIWorld VIP Corporate Card
  39. Banner NREILS
  40. Vendor Offer Form
  41. website banner
  42. Summary ICIWorld Society (pdf file)
  43. Application Canada
  44. Widgets Power Point Presentation and Sample Websites with ICIWorld Widgets
  45. Order Widgets and see sample websites with widgets of listings
  46. Order Mobile Website and see sample websites.
  47. Fifty sample websites with Widgets html.
  48. 50 samples pdf file
  49. Sample Website with Exclusive on Menu Bar
  50. Sample Website with Exclusive Real Estate Link Widgets
  51. Website Sample displaying choices of Widgets
  52. Widgets Running Powerpoint Slide Show | PDF File
  54. VIP Standup Banner 
  55. VIP Letter to Executive Members
  56. 2023 Association Banner
  57. Colour Flyer
  58. Magazine Page For The Public
  59. Tickets 2024 Realtor Quest
  60. Backscratcher Promo

Please call us if you have any problem viewing any document 1-877-272-1721. There are solutions for everything in this business.

Everyone does business or you call us.  See Our Pledge.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.
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Bus. 416-214-4875

Please consider us as "Personal marketing and information assistants
to thousand
s of real estate brokers and salespeople."

Our members help people world wide network real estate information to do business.

Now over 30,000 Haves and Wants representing 30,000 people for buying, selling and networking of real estate opportunities world wide on ICIWorld and with the web sites of over 200,000 real estate professionals world wide.

There are over 3.5 billion people using the Internet.

ICIWorld is a premium service to make your information available to them . . . nationally and internationally. Twitter ICIWorld Youtube ICIWorldInc Channel

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