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FREE Case Study for Real Estate Brokers

Free Case Study:

 “How We Help Some Of Our Members Scale Their Real Estate Business And Make 4, 5, 6 and 7-Figures Without Any Initial Listings or A Lot Of Money To Invest”
Here are some.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant. We enjoy hearing about your successes, particularly when made as a result of making connections through learning how to network information on our global platform.

FREE Case Study for Real Estate Brokers

Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker 48 years.
Manager and Founder ICIWorld in 1994.

– 48 years of experience as a broker in the real estate business
– Experience serving and assisting over 1,000 real estate brokers scale their business
– Past Chairman of the 1999 CCIM International Commercial Real Estate Conference
– Past President of the Junior Chamber of Commerce
– Past President Central Canada CCIM Chapter and Membership Chairman for many years
– Please consider me and our service as a personal marketing and information assistant for you personally. We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.
– Work less and achieve more
– Get access to and network Exclusive Listings in a confidential manner, not on real estate boards
– How brokers agree to allow exclusive listings to be displayed on your website that generates leads and referral opportunities for you
– How the listings you can have on your website are inevitable to generate quality leads
– How one of our members made $45,000 doing 15 referrals (75 minutes total time) over a few months
– How to ask the right questions at the right time to network real estate information
– How to have a chance to do business everyday, now
– Our members are making 4, 5, 6 and now seven figures

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