Want, Canada,Atlantic Canada (NB NS NF PEI LB), Recreational Sites/Senior Lifestyle Sites/Golf Courses/Resorts/Trailer Parks

166389Wanted Montreal area Anjou to Hudson. Montreal to Blainville. Senior retirement home and nursing home. $250K-$1M. Pre Qualified by bank.
165669Wanted Canada Wide, small or large portfolios of Retirement and Nursing Homes, $5 milion to $150 million.
164628NEEDED!!! Mobile home parks and large trailer parks in all areas of Ontario or Atlantic provinces for cash buyers.
160240Wanted Atlantic Canada Large tracts of land 500ac-1000ac
160108Wanted New Brunswick Nova Scotia Prince Edward Island anywhere Fishing Camp to bring foreign guests in.
160106Wanted New Brunswick coastal area resort $1.5M-$2.5M on going concern that is making money.
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135014Wanted Canada Golf Courses with an upside such as extra land that can be developed, or needs a club house or be upgraded. Must have an upside.
126766Wanted New Brunswick Hotel/Motel $1M-$5M Qualified
103991Wanted Condo Conversion properties anywhere in major cities in North America, Very experienced buyer. Will act fast. No upper limit.
96363Wanted Canada or USA Retail and/or Office Portfolio Have $50-500M to place - Can move Very Quick
96362Wanted U.S.A. Caribean & Canada Any Hotel-Resort-Casino complexes- entertainment Centres, Large Commercial Retail Centres. No upper limt in Price.