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Fun and business applications for your hand held devices.

The apps are free to download and are compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad; it requires iOS 4.2 or later. Go to the Apple website for more details.

This page is designed for ideas for you. We do not provide in depth reviews. You should research them on google or in the app store. Read about the app and the reviews, visit their web sites. Call anytime to chat.

Ten reasons from google to use apps

Apps stands for applications, usually associated with applications for the iPhone, Blackberry and other hand held devices.

iPhone | Android | Blackberry Simply search google for apps and your kind of device.

100 Must-Have Mobile Apps for Real Estate Resource

Here are some we use:

We recommend research them on your device or in google before installing.

  1. find my iphone - lose your ipad or iphone or have it stolen? Find it within a minute.
  2. Evernote make and keep notes from all of your devices and computers in one place.  50 Ways To Use Evernote For Your Real Estate Business. Resource
  5. - simply visit the site. Our mobile web site will come up. Add it to your home screen. It will automatically detect your device and provide a concise search tool on your screen.  Search Haves and Wants, search members for their latest contact information, specialties, market areas, listen to videos
  6. google -There are many google apps. Calendar for instance can be displayed on all your devices and computer.
  7. facetime
  8. tango - free voice and video calls
  9. Password keeper - Blackberry. Other devices should have password keepers.
  10. for iPad your own web site
  11. NOTE for all apps = If listening to youtube videos or any video make sure you have a good data plan or streaming movies can cost you money depending on your 3G bandwith plan. Use wi fi if you do not have enough 3G bandwith. Learn how to switch to use Wi Fi to ensure you are not using your paid plan. Wi Fi is free. All kinds of restaurants, hot spots and places have wi fi. You should have it in your home.
  12. Drivesafely - reads your mail, texts, out loud as they are coming in. You can turn it on or off.
  13. skype - there are millions of people talking to each other around the world free through their computers AND now hand held devices.
  14. irecorder, italk or any video type memo recording. Acts like a recorder you can talk into it making verbal notes to be played back later.
  15. speed test, ispeed - tests your connectivity speeds
  16. conversion tools
  17. translation programs - any language to any language
  18. Most newspapers - Some you just add their mobile link and their mobile web site comes up.
  19. flixster - determine if the movie is worth your time. find movie, times, trailers, ratings, etc.
  20. Works in conjunction with flixter. Never wasted your time going to a movie you may not like.
  21. IMDB -largest collection of movies, TV, celebrity info.
  22. Score Mobile latest scores, news, upcoming times and games for most sports.
  23. Shazam - hold it near a speaker of music playing and it will listen to the music and then display what is being played and who is playing or singing it.
  24. Logmein - access your home computer from your ipad. Use any computer to log in to another.
  25. Poynt for Blackberry
  26. gotransit
  27. flashlight
  28. dictionary
  29. speller
  30. currency
  31. stocks
  32. fring, wifi finder
  33. hotel pal
  34. around me
  35. urbanspoon
  36. yelp
  37. inrix traffic
  38. google earth - google has a wealth of apps, mapping, news, email, calendars, and more.
  39. world wiki
  40. Multicam - see traffic on major roads in the GTA from cameras
  41. nasa
  42. ihandy level
  43. wordpress
  44. goodreader and other book reader. Read books.
  45. BAC Calc - Breathalyzer
  46. chakra test
  47. livestrong
  48. yellow pages
  49. compass
  50. shopcatch Pull up sales before you get to store. Gets you the best sales.

Also learn to connect your music from your devices to your stereo at home, car radio, etc.

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