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ICIWorld is a Real Estate Information LIsting Service not property listing service like a real estate board. We do not delete listing for five years. This means it is incumbent upon you to set how far back you would like to look for listings, Haves and Wants. Old listings are maintained for networking purposes. Use the Calendar Date Field on Advanced Searches, Use the Age Field on the mobile Apps. Search the latest listings to get the up to second listings coming up daily.

:NOTE FOR MEMBERS: You must up date your listings, Haves and Wants every 30-60 days and no event let them go longer than 90 days old or THEY DO NOT SHOW UP IN THE MOBILE APPS FOR THE WORLD. DEFAULT SETTINGS.

ICIWorld is National/International Information Database of Real Estate Listings, Haves and Wants - 75% Exclusive.
Bringing together a community of people interested in real estate with readership from people in 138+ countries.

See circulation. 30,000+ real estate contacts to network with and do business.  See 50 pages of testimonials.

Learn How To Search Video 1 Video 2 Time Required. Our Pledge Since 1994. YouTube Channel.
NEW! 0- 8,000+ mobile device users since March/2016. For all mobile devices add a shortcut to 3-7 sec. searches.

 FREE Install the ICIWorld App for iPhones, Androids. Network on the world market with exclusive real estate information and listings.

Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Networking Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities and

Marketing Listings, on Mobile Devices and Computers. Includes shared data display for member websites.

Industrial, Commercial Investment (ICI) and Residential Real Estate for USA, Canada, The World.
App for iPhones and Androids (Search iciworld in the App or Playstore and Install) (Make it a shortcut on your mobile device/phone.)

Mobile Real Estate Networking Built to Serve The World.