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Blackberry users click here. 

Search for your favourite link and make it a daily favorite to check on the latest listings in your area in your business category.


Call 416-214-4875 anytime for assistance to set it up on your Blackberry.

This is not for Email. 

This is for your browser to call up results, ie: latest list of shopping centers for sale in your area, complete with contact names and numbers, etc.  And it is free for you!

ICIWorld is free to the public and is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide.

To all blackberry users who are on the Internet. this is a request to help us beta test services for blackberry users.

Absolutely any searches you would like to have, let us know!

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There is a difference between results with contact names and numbers and without.

  • which do you prefer in the initial results?
  • you can always click on the message number to get contact names and numbers.

The idea is that you can click once per day to get the latest information that may benefit you.  It is like a hot sheet.

What searches would you like?  Samples:

  • the latest list of tenants looking to lease industrial space;
  • the latest For Lease listings in your area with contact names and numbers;
  • a list of the latest For Sale listings in your area;
  • a list of tenants looking for space;
  • a list of the latest buyers;
  • the latest land for sale in your area;
  • the latest income properties in your area;
  • the latest Power of Sales in your area;
  • the latest gas stations for sale.
  • etc.

Virtually almost any search you can do on ICIWorld can now be on your blackberry.

What is your wish list!

We supply you with a URL.  It simply becomes a favorite on your Blackberry that you can check once per day or whenever you want.

You set this as a favorite so it can pop up the results anytime.  When you are with a prospect, you can call up the latest list of properties on the market to demonstrate how well connected you are in the market place.

You can pop up the latest list of buyers on the market to demonstrate how well connected you are to buyers in the market place.  This is a powerful listing tool!!!


Examples of use:

A salesperson has a client who needs a 20,000 square foot medical building with 50+ car parking. 

In this case the key word is medical.

On his Blackberry he can go to or in short.

By going to the above links he can search on the key word called Medical and get all the latest results.  This search is a URL that can be saved on your Blackberry as a favorite.  That way you can click on that favorite and get the latest medical buildings on the market.

He can set the search for medical as a favorite on his blackberry.

He can check for results daily for new listings until successful.

This is a sample of what he can see on his blackberry, click here.

The second a new medical building is added to ICIWorld, it will appear instantly on his Blackberry.

Secondly he can also request an EMail of any listings with Medical in the subject line.  These emails can also be sent to his blackberry.

You can have searches that suit your business marketing as favorites on your Blackberry. Perhaps the latest apartment buildings, or shopping centers, or a piece of land, etc.  Whatevery your "want" is, the results can be set up to appear on your Blackberry.

Tenants looking for space is another good one to program.  One developer contacted a member broker when he received an Email from one of the ICIWorld EMail List Servers that the broker had a client looking for medical space for a dentist office. The developer contacted the broker and the rest is history.  If you had this set as a favorite, ie: latest tenants looking for office space, you might have had the space, contacted this broker, and leased space.

Call anytime for assistance and to make suggestions to make this industry wide service work for you and your clients and prospects. 416-214-4875

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you and hope you appreciate our efforts to develop and provide services such as these to serve you.

ICIWorld also has ways for you to download the whole database to your laptop and read if offline. It is also useful to show buyers all the choices of properties and it is also a powerful listing presentation tool to demonstrate lists of buyers and what they are looking for.

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